A composition


A composition is a written work in which you need to logically express your thoughts. It helps to learn to express thoughts competently and confirmed. The absence of spelling and punctuation errors is also evaluated.


To write a beautiful composition, you need:



  • Get to know the relevant essay well so try to choose a good topic because there are a lot of different interesting topics from drug abuse essay to essays about love and family.
  • Adhere to the system of "introduction, main part, conclusion."
  • Show sincerity and breadth of soul.
  • Works are always written by hand.


The volume of the essay depends on the requirements of the teacher. Strict norms in terms of volume are available only in examination papers.


You cannot write an essay if you:


  • You read a little.
  • Communicate a little.
  • You do not have a pen.

The main types of essays: narration, reasoning, communication on a given topic, comparative characteristics, essays.



All compositions are set in the summer in the elementary grades.


The classification of essays is based on the age of the students and learning objectives. They would be educational and final, collective and independent, written on the basis of literary material or based on personal experience, etc.


Separate classification and type of text.


General rules for writing essays

Clearly articulate the main idea.

Make a plan with brief abstracts and evidence for them.

Observe the composition of the work and the logic of the presentation.

Check the correspondence of the text content to the chosen topic, correct grammar and speech errors.


  • Composition-description - can be an independent work or part of a composition-reasoning.
  • Story-writing is essentially a story about an event.
  • Composition-reasoning - contains a reasoned answer to the problem identified in the topic.
  • The general structure of the work


It includes 3 mandatory parts, which are supplemented depending on the type of work:



Main part.


Important! The absence in the composition of one of the essential elements of the structure is considered a mistake.



In the introduction, they briefly talk about the topic, the main aspects of the work, raise the question that will be revealed in the main part.


Main part

Shows the level of understanding of the topic of the essay. Includes an analysis of a work, hero, event, or problem.



Brief conclusions summarize the composition. The conclusion should be logically connected with the previous elements of the work.